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First we’ll meet with you to discuss your technical development efforts and answer any questions you may have regarding research credit regulations, the specifics of relevant programs, or our tax credit services. Usually we are able to determine whether it makes sense to proceed during this first meeting.

man drawing concept cityFREE In-depth Technical Review

If your claim shows promise, we will work closely with you and your technical staff to identify specific projects and activities that could qualify for tax credit support. This review includes a realistic estimate of your expected benefit as well as a detailed quotation for all costs and fees associated with your claim.

Preparation of Project Descriptions

Next, we’ll interview appropriate members of your staff to learn the specifics and history of each qualifying activity. We’ll then prepare all required technical documents, each complete with history and rationale. These documents will be designed to authenticate each claim in a manner acceptable to the IRS and other relevant taxing authorities.

Compilation of Existing Documentation

We also work with you to find the internal documents and work papers that will be useful in supporting and defending your claim. In addition, we’ll help your staff to develop the procedures needed to facilitate future claims.

Getting Your Money Back Where It Belongs – With You!

Finally, we’ll help with preparation of the proper forms, filing with the right people and handling any questions or concerns that may arise. Our aim is to help you get every penny you deserve as soon as possible!

Let us help you see whether you have money coming!

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