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On February 28, 2019, Otto celebrated his 25th anniversary in this field. On that date in 1994, Otto began an apprenticeship under Mr. Nigel Harvey, who is one of the most outstanding practitioners in the area of tax consulting. Ever since, Otto has worked hard to support technological competitiveness in North America.

In honor of 25 years in the business, Tax Credit Advisors is happy to share a brand new website! Take a look around and see the amazing work done by hasOptimization. We’re happy to celebrate with a brand new face and a new start for the 2019 tax season. Go on a tour and take a look around!

Our new site features sections which will give our clients easy access to important information like common tax myths, the industries we most often serve, and more. You can also swing through our “About” section and find out more about our process and how we can best help you. With our new site up and running, visitors can see our blog and our business with ease.

As we move into the busy tax season, please keep in mind that Tax Credit Advisors is always open to new clients and interested in working with you. It is, as always, our goal to make the most of your dollars through research and development tax credits. Reach out to us about your client’s needs or the needs of your own business so we can help you get the best return on your research and development dollars.

Don't leave money laying on the table!

Don't believe the myths - no business is too small to claim their portion of research and development tax credits. We can help you see if money is owed to you at no obligation to you. Schedule your complementary consultation today.

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