Welcome to the new filing season! The government shutdown is affecting many parts of the administration, including the Internal Revenue Service, which is currently unable to accept new returns, process refunds, update desperately needed changes to the forms as required by law, nor to answer questions from taxpayers. This shutdown hurts everyone, most of all the public servants who are not getting paid! Please remember that the people who work for the IRS and other taxing authorities are just like us — they have bills to pay, kids to raise and dreams to follow. Some of them are currently working without pay and others simply can’t work. That means the backlog of taxpayer claims increases every day. For a small number of people (mostly very rich people), this is good news because they will delay or perhaps escape scrutiny. For most of us, who are law-abiding taxpayers, we are left to foot the bill for people who don’t do what they are required by law to do. Let’s get on the same team!

As tax professionals, we here at Tax Credit Advisors LLC are particularly concerned about the many bad effects of the federal shutdown on IRS and related services. However, as citizens, we are also worried about the fact that the FDA can’t inspect food shipments, the SBA can’t process loans or payments for small businesses, the TSA can’t keep many of the nations’ airport terminals open, and many other services cannot be provided. Are we not a government of the people, by the people and for the people? We cannot be that if the government is not open.

This statement has nothing to do with political views. Through our taxes, we pay for a functioning government. We should urge our elected representatives to provide the essential services we pay for, no matter which side of the aisle we favor. Please join us in urging congress and the administration to end this shut-down and move forward. Please contact your congressional representative and your two senators to voice your views. Here is a link we hope will prove helpful:


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