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FEDERAL & STATE R & D CREDITS is a ½ day seminar (4 credits) led by Otto Kunz, CPA, EA, MBA, and founder of Tax Credit Advisors, LLC. Topics include the significant changes to the Federal R&D program enacted into law in December, 2015 and earlier in the year. An important 2016 change to the MA state credit also will be presented. The Federal changes include making the credit a permanent part of the tax code, a permanent offset to alternative minimum tax for certain taxpayers, and enactment of a brand new payroll tax offset for certain taxpayers. The qualification requirements for these new provisions will be discussed, as well the mechanics of applying them to taxpayers’ returns. Dozens of industries which previously did not qualify for R&D credits can now file for these tax benefits, and this seminar pays special attention to small and mid-size companies across a wide range of qualifying industries, examining how and why these companies now can qualify, as well as the credit calculation, typical credit results, the R&D tax credit study process, and also the most current audit issues and areas of IRS focus in R&D examinations.

The federal and state R&D credits seminar takes place on June 4th from 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM at the Hyatt House at 54 4th Ave in Waltham, MA 02451.

Tickets for this seminar are $175 and can be purchased through Boston Tax Institute by filling out the registration form and mailing a check. More information, including the registration form, can be found on their website by clicking here.

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