Money EnvelopeThere is currently a lot of uncertainty about a proposed tax overhaul coming as early as this summer. With information on the web, social media, and other places, it can be hard to discern how this tax overhaul may affect you and/or your business. Call us with any questions and we’ll provide the best analysis we can as more information becomes available.

Overhauling tax codes is never an easy task. Along with the time it takes to pass these new rules and regulations through Washington, long-term effects may not be seen immediately, and any benefits or detriments can take years to fall into place. Tax Credit Advisors keeps up to date with all of these tax codes, rules, and regulations to know how to better serve you and make the most out of your dollars.

The Federal Research Credit has been helping manufacturing and software companies to keep engineering and software jobs here in the US since 1981, and was kept in place after the most recent overhaul in 1986. We are here to help you claim your benefits successfully both at the federal and state levels, no matter what happens in Washington.

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Don't believe the myths - no business is too small to claim their portion of research and development tax credits. We can help you see if money is owed to you at no obligation to you. Schedule your complementary consultation today.

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